We’re committed to becoming a reliable bridge for investment opportunities in Africa.

It’s not just words, it’s a goal at our very core, guided by five promises that are outlined in our Customer Charter for all to see.

Promises we’ve created by speaking to customers, investors and businesses in need of financing opportunities. We plan to deliver by always providing quality service, no matter what part of the world:

We put our customers’ needs first

- We will listen and then help financiers, financing governments and receivers of those finances to find bespoke solutions that meets their needs

We will make investing in African enterprises easier

- We will support governments and business with an interest in financing African projects by providing high level expertise in the project management and management consultancy field. We will constantly revisit our processes to make them simpler and more effective.  

We are there whenever you need help

- We will take personal responsibility when financiers, financing governments or receiving governments need extra support

We are fair and honest

- We will explain the features and costs of projects clearly and simply to both parties making sure what that the financier and receiving party are on the same page.

If you think we have fallen short at any time, we want to know - you can be sure we will always listen and work to put things right.